Creative Solutions

Writing a book is all about self-motivation but there's only so much I can provide to myself. Sometimes I need that extra kick in the pants and what better way to get it then to weigh the many options out there that I can buy to make me work faster, smarter and better?

I could start seeing a shrink or a life coach, but I feel kind of funny paying someone to listen to me bitch about how hard my job is (because it is and it so isn't) and a life coach would expect me to, like, do things. So yappity-yap therapy is out. I could take a class, like my friend Karen is, but I have a hive inducing aversion to classroom settings. So what does that leave me with? Four money draining options of varying degrees of cost and commitment. The sister pointed out it seems that it is as if I expect these options to do the writing for me. Not so! I'm willing to do the work, I just want to make it easier on myself. And isn't that the American way?

1. Acupuncture: I used to visit a very kind Chinese medicine doctor when I lived in San Francisco, mostly for allergies and sinus infections. Since being relaxed is a big part of being able to work creatively, and acupuncture is all about using energy, this might help me. I'd be open to starting sessions again. And I read this article in, I think, the New York Times about seed therapy which is something akin to 24-hour treatment of pressure points so that sounds mighty attractive. It's just a matter of finding someone I trust and doesn't creep me out. Projected Cost: Moderate. Commitment: Moderate.

2. Hypnosis: This would also be a repeat experience for me. My mother-in-law, a licensed hypnotherapist, put me "under" once and six weeks later I had a draft of Underneath It All (Kensington, Jan. 2007) done. I'd be willing to impose on her again but she lives in San Diego so we only see her every so often. I'm not about to open the phone book and pick someone at random so this option is on the back burner for now. Projected Cost: Free! Commitment: High but infrequent.

3. Adderall: I'm not against pharmaceutical solutions but even with all the hype surrounding Adderall (it makes you work faster, longer, causes weight loss and your kitchen is magically cleaned every night!) I'm a little (a lot) leery of the addiction aspect of it. Adderall is basically speed and is expensive. It's not like a drug, it is a drug. I'll stick to soy chais...for now. Projected Cost: High. Commitment: High.

4. Alphasmart Dana: One of my big problems is blogging, checking email and generally dicking around on the Internet. Plus, my laptop sucks, it's slow, the screen resolution makes me crossed eyed and I associate it with blogging, checking email and dicking around on the Internet and, oh yeah, writing. The Dana is basically a word processor of old (like the one I had way back in junior college the sister says our mom still has stored away) so you have nothing to focus on but the lines of text you're banging out. There is Dana with wireless, but the whole point (at least for me) is to get away from all that. And I'd like to start doing that cliché writer thing of working in cafes, plus I'd have valid reason to shop for a new tote bag--I'm obsessed with LeSporsac. Cost: Moderate to high. Commitment: Moderate to high.

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