Stuff for Life

I've got the Henrik dinning chairs (on sale) and ordered the Flor tiles for both the living and dinning room and have printed out the measuring worksheet for the slipcovers. (By the way, if you're shopping for Flor tiles online, see if there is a retail store in the area. The shipping and handling, plus the sales tax added on after your order goes through adds up.) Since I'm not done depleting my book advance, I'm also considering this little number from Brocade to replace the awful sideboard we currently stack all our crap upon.

It's way out of my usual straight lines norm and that's why I like it. As I told the husband, it's all about juxtaposition. (Shaped Console in Coffee, $699, from Brocade Home)

With that in the hopper, I've decided there a few other things I cannot do without:

What more does a home bound writer need than something to read, clean pores and a hobby? I happened by Karyn Bosnak novel, 20 Times a Lady, when I saw it was linked up with Life Over Easy over on I think because both feature lists. I love lists. They make life easier. Really! My pores, oh my poor pores. It's been ages since I've subjected them to a proper cleansing and I can so tell when I stand a few inches away from the magnifying mirror I had the husband put up in the bathroom. Short of seeking professional help, I'll make due with yet another gadget that promises to make my pore sing. Neutrogena's Wave, cute name, has good reviews and is not too spendy. Plus, did I mention it was cute? (Neutrogena Wave, anywhere from $11 to $15, various locations.) As for the hobby part of this mini-adventure into consumer culture...What better way to wind down then by singing off unwanted body hair? You know, do a little proof reading, burn hair off legs, finish a chapter, burn more hair off legs. (No!No!, $250,

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