Conspicuous Consumption: Blue Dress/Brown Boots

Guess what I've just done? I've gone through all 353 pages of More Than This (Touchstone, August 2008) with my blue pencil and went through two (2!) yellow Post-it pads. Before I do a little happy dance, I'm going to go through it once more before I send it off (making a copy of the whole thing first).

How to celebrate this very minor feat? Online shopping, of course. OK. I admit it. When I get an idea in my head, I try and cover all the angles (hence buying two more Jari Love workout DVDs when I haven't even done the one I already have) and so it's become with my obsession with brown boots. Brown boots and blue dresses.

1. I have a thing for wrap dresses. Why? Because they wrap, duh. They make waists look tiny and bisect the knocker area making it looks nice and tidy, not like knockers. And this is my favorite shade of blue, very saturated just like the crayon color I used to wear down to a nub as a kid. (BCBG MaxAzaria, navy jersey long sleeve knit dress, $108)

2. This second dress is a very lady like frock, from the three-quarter sleeves to the restrained cowl neckline. Plus, it comes with a slip. How lady is that? (Kay Unger, navy knit cowl neck dress, $198)

3. What drew me to this dress is the color with its brown accent pipping. I'm a little eh on the kimono sleeves since they may play up the boobage, but otherwise it's a very sleek dress with some personality and I'm in search of one so why not take a short cut with a dress that already has it. (Karanina, blue jersey kimono dress, $119)

4. This dress is good for cooler weather with the boots and would transition into summer with some nice sandals (which I'm also on the lookout for). The drawstrings at the neck and elbows, along with the smocking at the waist keep it from being just another boring blue dress. It would give the impression that I, like, actually care. (Abaete, navy silk drawstring dress, $186.)

(All dresses from and at bluefly prices. La Canadienne Kara boots in brown suede, $301.95 at )

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