Briefly Introspective: Color and Film

Just finished reading and looking at a great post over at Apartment Therapy about the use of color and design in the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. I saw this movie during my formative years (meaning, I had to wait until my parents went to bed and I could fire up Z Channel--oh, Z Channel how I miss you!) and it had more than a little impact on me. I've never thought of a gift of a watch the same way since.

Anyway, the post goes into how the different characters, Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) and John (Mickey Rouke) and their various chinks and kinks are expressed through the use of color and their home environments. John, a slightly creepy and firm handed money trader sweeps Elizabeth, a pillow lipped artsy and homey type, off her feet (once against a wall in an alleyway, another time in a clock tower...). And as their relationship develops, the colors, lighting and starkness of the sets accentuate their different worlds, sensibilities and hint to them finally parting ways. I'm not giving anything away there since the title is 9 1/2 Weeks after all.

One guess whose character aesthetic gets my rocks off. Yeah, I know, way too easy.

Read it here and if you haven't seen the movie yet, well, why not? You're a grown-up now. And since you are, go for the uncut version.

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