Bikini Bombs

Guess what time of year it is? Yeah, Sports Illustrated bikini issue time. My supermarket barely carries Maxim but I'm sure to find a big honking display of almost bare boobs staring at me right by the checkout stand because this is about the only issue of the magazine most people ever bother buying. I mean what could be better than a half liter of super cold Diet Coke, a huge bag of Fritos and a skin mag? There's even sports related skin inside as it features the wives of professional athletes in, wait for it, bikinis!

Actually, and honestly, the thing that mostly bothers me about this whole thing is the super porny poses of the otherwise legitimate models who grace the pages of the issue. But, um, thinking about it a bit here and I realize that's the whole point. Duh. So men of America, pick up your issue today and hide by Valentine's day. Women, take a peek at the newsstand and then put it back...along with that box of Ding Dongs because you have your very own living and breathing ding dong at home. On the couch. Watching sports. Eating your Fritos.

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