3 Movies in 3 Days

I'm not one of those people who needs or even wants absolute silence when I'm working. Thanks to my TV, DVD player and Netflix subscription, I've added movies to my working day. I spent the last week and a half diligently going through proof pages for my next novel, but took the time to look up and enjoy A Mighty Heart, 2 Days in Paris and Duplex.

Because of, all the blah blah blah surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, I just didn't make an effort to go see A Mighty Heart when it was in theaters. And even though I don't regret it like I do not seeing The Departed at the movies, it's still a very good movie. Very good and Angelina Jolie is great in it, after you get used to the contacts. Her accent is spot on and so good, it doesn't even sound like an accent...if that makes any sense. Even though you know how it sadly ends, the pacing is taut, the acting is top notch and I'm now obsessed with the director of photography. Everything looks so crisp, clean and I could only hope to experience such golden light in real life.

Julie Delpy is my new hero, and I don't have many. She not only wrote and starred 2 Days in Paris, she also freaking directed it. It's smart, wry and self involved enough to make me wish I was sophisticated and witty enough to write something like this. Until I saw 2DinP, Julie Delpy was forever Celine, the art student in Before Sunrise. I even passed on seeing Before Sunset, which picks up years later and reunites Celine and Jesse (Ethan Hawke), but since she contributed to the screenplay it's in my queue

I love Danny DeVito movies. (The War of the Roses is my all time favorite movie--more so now that I'm married.) He's not afraid to be crass, dark and assume his audience is smart enough to be in on the joke. Duplex is the sweet and sour story of two hyper achieving types you tend to find in New York who just want to get their piece of the big apple pie that just happens to be bigger and flakier than that of their friends. Ben Stiller plays Alex Rose, a writer. Usually I don't like to watch movies about writers or read books that feature writers as main characters, but Alex manages to make the work of writing a book in between naps and being distracted by domestic duties and pangs of writer envy very entertaining. Drew Barrymore is pitch perfect and funny, as usual.

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