What I Ate: Good Food Bad Food

Lately my lunchtime meals have consisted of something nuked in the microwave. OK, by me. But when traveling, it's not feasible to eat so pathetically. Actually it is and I did, but I also sat down to some pretty tasty grub during my recent trip to New York.

The Good:

Sulay took me out to lunch at City Lobster (on 48th St, between 7th and 6th) near the Simon & Schuster offices. As my internal clock was all funked up and not at all adjusted from West coast time to East coast time, I was hungry but not hungry enough to finish my delicious plate of crab cakes. They were really, really good and I'm not much of a seafood person. The next night I took a gamble on the much more petite crab cakes from Swifty's (on Lexington between 72nd and 73rd) and found City Lobster nudged them out in affection. Don't get me wrong, Swifty's is nice. Like a real nice Denny's.

Sulay was a bit more hungry than I and she ordered us a heap o' fries. And when I pulled out my camera she took the opportunity to duck behind them. So once again, I've left New York without a picture of her, but I've made it my mission to capture the elusive image of this editor on my next trip to New York this summer.

The Bad:

I can't even recall what the name of this sandwich place is, but it's on 5th, somewhere in the mid 40s. I ordered a turkey, lettuce, sundried tomatoes and olive sandwich with balsamic dressing and took a risk on a Sprite less than 20 minutes before my meeting with Selina McLemore at Grand Central Publishing. Sprite makes me burp, but up until then (around 2:30) I'd been going on a few sips of soy chai and had been walking for quite a while so I felt I deserved it. Next time I find myself in the area, I'll make sure to try something else, maybe the soup place. Not that it was bad. It just wasn't very good.

The kid was a trooper about this whole trip and by Saturday I knew he was looking for payback. Payback in the form of highly forbidden food. By that time I was in no mood to try something new and backed him up on a trip to the Soho McDonald's on Canal Street much to the dismay of the husband who wanted to eat anywhere else. But I'm a mother first and an instigator second and off we marched off to McDonald's where I ordered a Big Mac and soon regretted it. Lucky for me, we stopped by the hotel room to drop off shopping bags before a quickie trip to the Met.

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