Weighty Matters: Self Bikini Body Fast

It's been a week (a full seven days, plus one) since I've done any sort of workout. First I had a cold (seven days) and then had to catch up on errands (plus one). So instead of jumping into a hardcore workout (Jari Love's Get Ripped 1000), I'm easing back into it with Self's very doable 30 minute Bikini Ready Fast! (exclamation point theirs) DVD. I actually own this one as I found it for under $5 at my local Ross. Ross, like Costco, makes me nervous so I rarely go in there but I stopped in after stocking up on Kleenex from the Target next door and I'm glad I did. As SBRF! is only half an hour, it's perfect for those busy days when I can't set aside more time to exercise or when I'm feeling lazy. After all, what's 30 minutes but two increments of 15 and 15 minuets always goes by super fast. (This is the rational I used when I used watch the clock at jobs I really hated.) I popped it into the player while I was sick, liked what I saw and am looking forward to trying it out today. As for the rest of my week, I'll spend it walking (and freezing) around Manhattan. Does shivering count as cardio?

PepperCook will be taking over blogging duties while I'm gone and promises me at least one, if not two, Robbie Benson mentions.

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