Weighty Matters: Reebok Cycle

As I own a Spinner Elite I was interested in delving into the DVD world of Spin workouts. Right now I happily cycle away to itrain cycle workouts but I do miss the camaraderie of group cycling, but not schlepping to the gym to do it which is why I have my own bike.

First off, Robert Sherman is scarily intense about the whole thing. And he makes vague sex noises toward the last half of the first workout. Like, "Emmm, yeahhhhh, that' feeeeels good. Do you feel it? Yeahhhh, I can tell you feel it." This is not a direct quote but pretty darn close. The music doesn't help as it is lamely porny and low so all you really hear is his voice. The set as well as the two women and two men pumping along on their bikes were uninspiring with a Soviet era aesthetic. (So what? I like working out with cute people in a nice studio setting.) I did get a decent workout and it was challenging when I was able to concentrate on the workout itself. I even came pretty close to getting an endorphin rush--fun!--but got stuck with the image of Robert Sherman as a gynecologist and creeped myself out.

Next up, Shape Bikini Body: Transforming to arrive on Monday. Until then, it's back to my itrain cycle workouts.

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