Weighty Matters: Crunch Cardio Dance Blast

After copping out of Carmen Electra's dirty dance DVD, I resolved to completely complete Crunch: Cardio Dance Blast. And I did and got a stitch in my side so I think that means I accomplished something besides the whole 'workout.' Call me an old lady, but if I wanted to work out in a bra top and shredded cargo pants, I'd be so happy doing this DVD more than once. As it happens, I'm not the type who is. I caught sight of myself and admitted that not only did I look pretty stupid, I also didn't look like I was having a good time. (A person can look stupid while having a ball and its my usual criteria for engaging in new activities.) It's not a bad DVD, instruction is a little quick-- someone who is moderately coordinated would take care of any stumbles after a few tries--but it wasn't the type of workout I was looking for or much of one for me. (I even found myself doing crunches later that same night and I hate crunches.) So this one is going right back and won't be joining my still unexpanded collection.

Up next, Cycle Reebok: Foundation and Interval Training with Robert Sherman.

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