Weighty Matters: Trainer's Edge

I started pushing actual movies up top on my Netflixs queue instead of workout DVDs recently as the sister has returned a box of 'em that I forced on her, like, last year. I sent her off with all my favorites--at the time I was really into my treadmill--and am pretty pleased to have them back. The plan was to hop around my office to Kathy Smith again, but instead I decided to get even more basic.

I don't remember how I heard of The Trainer's Edge series, but I do remember I was looking for a no frills workout at the time and was bored with going to my local gym for whatever reason. I combine both the Killer Butt and Killer Abs and Back DVDs, skipping any floor work. Why? Because I get distracted when I'm on the floor.

What I like about Killer Butt, besides it being all about squats, lunges, simple kicks, is that it goes by quick and there isn't any woohooing. Dolores Munoz is a whole lotta woman with healthy muscled farm thighs. Even though I doubt I could ever bulk up like her or get super lean and cut like one of the back up exercisers, it's nice to see two really strong women instead of Barbie dolls in Lycra. As for Killer Abs and Back, Michael Olajide is super charming. He combines boxing moves and standing ab work for a quasi-cardio core toning workout that also leaves my arms sore. But a word to the stacked. He does do some jumping around so it pays to wear a good supportive sport's bra. He also has an almost six minute jump rope section I either skip or, I admit it, hula hoop through. I also have mini-trampoline I pull out when I'm feeling especially dorky. Hey, it's cheaper and a lot more painless than a breast lift.

(from Killer Butt) Warm Up and Squats [9:12], Lunges [3:52], Applied Resistance [10:18], (from Killer Abs and Back) Stim Stretch and Warm Up [4:03] Core Sculpt [4:50], Boxing [9:02]

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