DVD Wish List - The Robby Benson Edition

It always surprises me when a movie I want to see isn't on DVD or available on Netflix. Particularly the classics listed below. It's tough getting my Robby Benson fix when most of his movies aren't available. He's set to automatically record on my Tivo wishlist, but all I get are Sabrina the Teenage Witch episodes he directed. Which doesn't quite do it for me.

One on One
I remember the first time I saw this movie: it was the ABC Sunday Night Movie and I stayed up until 11pm watching it. It was so worth being exhausted the next day at school.
Robby plays a high school basketball star, Henry, recruited by a college to play on their team. He learns to read, falls in love, battles with his coach and wins the big game at the end.
Robby Benson co-wrote the script, with his dad - impressive!

Walk Proud
I've never seen this movie, and it's killing me. Robby Benson plays a Chicano gang member who meets a nice White girl and tries to leave his old life behind.
This isn't available on DVD or VHS, but Amazon has the movie poster for only $9.99. I've heard claims that this is shown occasionally on TV, but in the meantime there's some pretty hilarious clips on YouTube.

Fire with Fire
This one doesn't star R.B. but Margo insisted I include it. I don't recall ever seeing it but the plot summary on IMDB sounds bitchin': "A young woman from a Catholic school and a young man from a nearby prison camp fall in love and must run away together to escape the law, the church and their parents." Every girls teenage dream.
It's available on VHS, which doesn't really do me much good.

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Margo Candela said...

It's a travesty that you don't remember seeing Fire with Fire! If I've seen it then so have you. Put on your Tivo list and then invite me over. I'll set up the camcorder and keep completely silent. Promise.