Conspicuous Consumption: Orange Alert

A few months back I talked the sister into buying a orange top from H&M. She was reluctant, but heeded my fashion words and it looks great when she wears it with jeans. When I admired it, all over again, she let me try it on, but we both agreed I was about five inches too short, a cup size too big to carry it off and had to choose my shade of orange carefully. Since then, I've developed a secret obsession with the color orange and since I know I can't wear too much of it, I've decided to pursue my fix through accessories.

Hand Candy:
What's up with Banana Republic lately? Their handbag designers are seriously giving It bags, whichever is the It this week, a serious run for their money and my affections. This little bag, and it is little at 9 3/4" x 6 3/4" x 5 3/4", is the prefect size and shade of orange, sorry, persimmon to make me think of spring and summer while the sky outside is all drab and gloomy. I'm not a big gal, so I can only get away with so much bold color without looking like I'm dipping into someone else's closet, but I'm all over this bag precisely for the reason that its not a safe gal color. It's the right size, if too small to carry a book in, for those days when I have a life or at least pretend to have one. Hey, I may not have a life, but I do have a 20% off coupon and I plan to use it! (Flatiron Embossed Baby Satchel in Persimmon, $178, from

Happy Feet:

The second I saw these suede flats from J. Crew I knew I'd found a winner. I have a thing for flats and, recently, for suede anything. Except skirts, that's too much cow for me. They're the perfect shade to go with a nice pair of dark wash jeans and would make the rest of the moms waiting to pick up their kids after school green with envy. By the way, though I may own both the bag above and shoes to the left in the near future, I would never wear them together. Orange is best enjoyed in small doses as is tequila, ladies and gentlemen. (City Suede Ballet Flat, $125, in Fresh Tangerine at

Well Suited:

I've always been happy with swim stuff from J. Crew. I own a few bikinis from them but all in safe, dark colors. So this summer my plan is to go with a pop of notice me color. Hey, there'll be no getting around that bits and pieces will be out and about, I may as well pretend that I look like I look because its what I intended all along. (Banded French Top, $40, and Hipster Short, $42, in bright flame from

A Sunny Disposition:
Since I've been a faithful user of sunscreen since my early 20s, I don't tan...except for the time we went to Maui and I came back a yummy shade of cafe au lait just about all over. Since I tend to keep covered up, I don't have tan lines as much as I have a lack of healthy color in varying shades of pasty. To help even things I use L'Oreal Sublime tanning towletts and if things very dire, layer on the lotion the next day. Stinky, yes, but it works. Just make sure to wear long everything if you tan before bed. (Under $10 for each at

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