Conspicuous Consumption: Guy Jackets

Besides making sure there is a ready supply of Cottonelle, it falls to me to make sure the husband doesn't leave the house looking like he needs a protective helmet to go along with whatever he's covered his body with. On the weekends he's on his own--cargo shorts, a really bad T and, god help me, Birkenstocks with tube socks! More than once I've had to stand my ground and refuse to go out in public with him until he put on something less painfully dorky. (I don't let him dress the kid as I want to make sure he grows up with a modicum of style.)

So just yesterday as I was forcing the kid into a jacket I'd picked with spring and him growing into it in mind, the husband said, "Where's my jacket?" Where's my jacket indeed. To make my life easier, I've scouted options for the husband that I like because in the end its really the only thing matters.

Mildly Authoritative:

This one is on top because it's the one I like and so the least likely to be picked by the husband. He's no risk taker when it comes to what he wears and, sadly, this is risky for him. But I can dream right? And insist...that he get a pair of gray twill flat front slacks and a zip up sweater to wear underneath it, over a crisp white T. (Officer Jacket in black, price unknown, at Club Monaco)

Forcefully Neutral:

The husband is currently sporting an olive twill jacket I forced him to buy at Zara in Santa Monica. He hemmed, hawed and balked but gave in (as usual). And when people compliment him on it (and they usually do) he puffs his chest out and says "Thank you" like he had anything to do with it. Since that jacket is looking a little tired, this version is similar enough to take its place but a little more details that will take the husband out of his comfort zone. (Swiss Army Twill Washed Bomber in dark olive, $260, at Macys)

Boring but Better:
This is more motorcycle than military, but it's simple, sleek and cute dad worthy. Plus, it'll go with all the jeans and button downs he has in his closet and make him look just a little neater without making him feel like I dress him every morning. He's not really into black (how is that possible?) so the color might give him a bit of pause. (Perry Ellis Oxford Jacket in black, $135, at Macys)

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