Conspicuous Consumption: Boots and Boots

I'm one of those people who believes a person should feel fairly comfortable at most times. For me that means flats, jeans and a long sleeved T are a daily uniform. Which means I look pretty schumlpy, but supermarket/picking up the kid from school/walking the dog appropriate. Yes, world, I've definitely lost what little style I could have ever claimed to have possessed.

The last time I remember feeling put together was in college when I wore ridiculously short skirts and dresses with my most favorite stacked heel Guess loafers or lace-ups. Once I started working I still made an effort, having my black, flat front Express pants pegged to an Audrey Hepburn style because that wasn't 'in' at the time but was the look I was going for and topping them off with short sleeve turtleneck tops under a simple cardigan sweater.

Well, with this whole New Year going on, I've resolved to not spend 2008 feeling frumpy. Yes, damnit, I've made a list of things I want to keep in mind as I face down another year where I could easily start wearing coordinated sweat suits all day and cutting bangs into my hair so I don't have to deal with eyebrow upkeep. It's a last stand of sorts and for me it starts with shoes...

Boots to be exact. I've realized I want to look like a grown-up and though I like my flat, comfy Nine West Boots, I can only wear them with so much and only on certain occasions. (Instead of my usual uniform, I'll swap out the t, jeans and flats for the boots, a cute skirt and a real shirt.) With the impetus of the upcoming New York trip, I've decided I need a new look, as well as outlook. My third book will be hitting the shelve this summer, I'm supposed to be working on my fourth and I have a few more writing projects in the works that have made me realize its time to start taking my self more seriously. If I don't, who will?

So I went on the hunt for new black boots. But these had to be suede, have a heel but I'd be able to walk around in them and have an overall sleek look. Also, I went in with the mindset that these boots are an investment I'll wear for a few years, not some fun throw away boots--that's what Cathy Jean is for--so I didn't let price be my initial deciding factor.

Two of a Kind:
These two pairs from La Canadienne may look suspiciously alike but there are some differences which will help me choose between the two.

The Devine style (top) has a slightly longer and squared off toe box with a 14" shaft and sturdy 2.5" heel with a little curve to it. The Katrina, below, has a cute round toe, 2.5 stacked heel (looks taller to me in the pic) and a 13.5" shaft. Both have a subtle buckle detail, are waterproof and have some fancy 3M sole that is supposed to be comfortable. All the reviews said both were good for walking and wearing for extended hours. Right now I favor the Katrina (, $313.95) because of the rounded toe, but like the Devine (, $263.95) for the extra half inch in the shaft and the slightly lower looking heel.

Almost Perfect:

These Tyla boots from Sofft I love, love, love. The only thing that kept me from not ordering the other two is the lace up detail in the back. It's a bit too vampy for me and I'd be able to overlook it if it was done in the same suede as the boot, not in leather. With a 3" stacked heel and a full 15" shaft, the Tyla ( $195.95) are tall boots but all the reviews said they were comfortable. Not sure if they're weather proof also, but doubt it.

Here's where I'll try and justify keeping these as well as one of the La Canadienne pairs. I can wear these Sofft boots with my many wrap dresses since they are a bit more sexy while the Devine or the Katrina (most likely the Katrina) would suffice as a more subtle daytime boot with shift and sweater dresses, skirts and opaque tights or leggings. These boots are an investment which I'll keep and wear for years and years. I'm an adult and don't need to make excuses or rationalize how I spend my own money. The fact that I would end up owning three pairs of brown boots with kitten heels, one pair of flat black boots and two pairs of stacked heel black suede boots doesn't make me a bad person, just one who likes boots and has made it her resolution to wear them more this year. So there!

Update: I tried them all on with variations of what I'd be wearing them with and have settled on the Tyla and the Katrina. The Tyla are a half inch taller in the heel but very comfy, if a little on the big side and the Katrian are snug, cute and also comfortable enough for me to see my way to taking them to New York as my primary shoe while there. Now all I have to figure out is what to wear them with...

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