Back from New York

I had meetings with editors about books I'd like to write for them, ate crab cakes at lunch one day and for dinner the next, walked blocks upon blocks in my new boots to find the perfect tights for my party dress and ended up buying a new dress to go with the tights I packed in my suitcase, had an argument with the husband inside a synagogue, shamelessly had my picture taken with Russell Simmons and Paul Shaffer but regained my dignity by NOT asking David Blaine for a grin and bear it even though we made repeated eye contact and briefly experienced 20 degree temperatures. All this and more to be elaborated upon in the next few posts starting on Tuesday because I had a real good and occasionally awful time in New York.

(Photo Note: Four slightly bemused views of me. I availed myself of the make-up artist services during the party, even though it was on the kid's side of the ballroom. I scored a free tube of Revlon mascara and the guy who cleaned up what I'd attempted in my hotel room bathroom did a great job. For the first time ever I got a smoky eye that looked smoky, not dirty.)

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