Weighty Matters: World of Workouts

Those who know me (or read this blog once in a while) might have gotten the idea that I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about and drinking chai and thinking about and sometimes working out. The last few days have been consumed with family madness (with no let up in sight) and reviewing all the red pencil marks on More Than This (Touchstone, August 2008) by the copy editor which I mailed off earlier today. New York is looming in my future, as is a wardrobe of fitted American Apparel dresses over leggings, now is not the time to give myself over to my chai addiction and use the excuse that they just won't leave me the fuck alone so I can't workout .

But what to do? Why try out a slew of workout DVDs by renting them from Netflix. Buying and then instantly disliking a exercise DVD just sucks and my thoughtful friend Maria in San Francisco gave me a gift subscription to Netflix I've added varied bunch, from Budokon: Beginning Practice to Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease, to my queue. The ones I like, I'll buy, the ones I don't, I won't and, irregardless of a yes or no vote, I will force myself to do each in their entirety. Currently I have six on my list to start with and will be poking around and adding until I come up with a few that hold my attention and are worthing of working into my rotation.

So wish me luck. The first one, Budokon (a mixture of yoga and martial arts) is due to come soon.

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