Weighty Matters: Striptease Aerobics

I had high and lowbrow hopes for Carmen Electra's Striptease Aerobics DVD. I figured it would be an entertaining way to get my cardio workout. Alas, I only got as far as popping it into the player and watching it while I caught up on email but saw enough to quickly figure out it wasn't the workout for me. I can lean forward and grab my ankles with my ass up in the air with the best of them, but it just didn't look like much of a workout and, honestly, not that much fun or safe. Nothing against Carmen Electra, though. She's fine and her giggling didn't bother me. Honestly, how could you not laugh self consciously while pretending to be a striper with a penchant for fitness?

Instead of going through the Carmen Electra motions, I took 15 lb pickax to the path on the side of the house, shoveled the loose dirt, then hauled I don't know how many wheelbarrows of dirt to where I was supposed to dump it and, since I couldn't tip the wheelbarrow over, I had to shovel once more. Where could I feel it besides my hands? Arms, back and legs, especially my hamstrings. After breaking a good honest sweat and keeping my fingers out of my mouth and not slapping my ass to music, I think I prefer dirt to dirty. (Plus, me engaging in hard labor turned the husband on where he would have just laughed his ass off if he caught me 'stripping' in my dowdy workout gear and too white sneakers.)

Next up, Crunch: Cardio Dance Blast. What can I say? I was born to dance! Until it gets here I plan to work the dirt and fit in some cardio on my bike if I have any energy left.

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