A Thousand 3 Ways

I look forward to getting the mail, always hoping for a tasty magazine or two. Yesterday was a magazine free day but I did find a surprise check for an assignment and, yeah, I'll take money over magazines any day...since I can use the money to go buy magazines.

Unfortunately for me, I'm an adult with responsibilities and the $1,000 check I received was already allocated toward, like, property taxes. Boring but essential since I need a roof over my head to keep my InStyle and New Yorkers dry. But what if I was the type of person who didn't care about trivial things like taxes, bills and soy milk for the kid's morning cereal? I spend it on whatever I wanted.

Label Happy:
A thousand bucks doesn't go far at Net-A-Porter.com where I had to stay away from the sweater section because everything that looked appealing was way over my paltry budget. But I managed to put together an outfit, sans shoes, and tax and delivery.

_$325 Marc Jacobs Twill Military Jacket
+$315 Graham & Spencer Printed Silk Smock Top
+$150 Tom Binns Heart and Dagger Necklace
+$210 Earnest Sewn Keaton Bootcut Jeans

The Girl in Me:
I have a love-hate thing going with anthropologie. It's such a girly story that it can't help but make me feel butch. So even though I'm going with the same general ensemble, the goal was to go for pretty things which is unavoidable since everything at anthroplogie is dripping with pretty.

_$168 Parameter Fabric Row Scoopneck
+$228 Carbonella Sweater Coat
+$158 Joe's Muse Bonnie Jeans
+$148 Dew Drop Earrings
+288 Sepertine Scroll Flats

Love in Bulk:
The sad fact is that I'd be way more likely to head to my nearest Old Navy and pick up some basic basics and call it a day.

_$36.50 Seed Stitch Cardigan in Medium Heather Gray
+$26.50 Balloon Sleeve Trapeze Top in Deep Sea Blue
+$34.50 The Flirt Jeans (#528220) in Deep Authentic
+$12.50 Floral Graphic Tote in Crimson Red
=$110 ($890 balance)


BP said...

At least get the Marc Jacobs coat. This way you can look stylish when homeless.

Margo Candela said...

Amen to that!

mdt said...

I love all three tops!
I'll meet you at Old Navy this weekend, since that's the only one I can afford.