On the List: Underneath It All and Amazon.com

So I was doing what most writers do and checking my stats on amazon.com. Sales have been nice thanks to the Chica Lit blog tour but when I noticed a new ranking for my first book, Underneath It All, my heart skipped a beat. It actually did!

Amazon has compiled a list of Top Selling 'Hispanic' books and UIA made it all the way to the SIXTH place slot. I'm sure it'll drop down (if not off the list) throughout the day, but I thought it was pretty cool. So cool, I spent 20 minutes capturing and formating screen shots to immortalize this achievement in pixels.

Life Over Easy is nowhere on any list and I think it has to do with the chronic lack of reader reviews. Earlier this week my sister, L, told me she really liked LOE and thought it was funny. Maybe I should have asked her to put it in writing...on amazon.com? If you've read LOE, I'd appreciate a review and if you're one of those who have bought a book of mine, thank you!


LaraRios said...

I'm behind on my reading, Margo, but as soon as I read LOE I'll leave you a review.

You know I loved Underneath it All!

Margo Candela said...

You are too cool, Lara!