In the Spirit: Pretty Perfume

If there's one thing I dread it's being trapped in an elevator with someone wearing heavy, spicy perfume or cologne. Just a whiff of the stuff (and rancid body oder) is enough to whip my bronchial tubes into a wheezy frenzy. I'm perfume adverse as a rule but here and there I do wish I smelled like something more than laundry soap. When it came time to settle on a perfume I could tolerate and would use, I was pleased to find Philosophy's Pure Grace was right on the mark. Insomnia induced home television shopping had me ordering a Philosophy skin care kit and it came with a complimentary bottle of Pure Grace. I never went back to the balms and mositurizers, but the perfume was a keeper. It's light, clean and not at all cloying and currently sitting empty in my medicine cabinet. It also comes in an oil which promises to last longer and smell stronger. Which is good since people claim I smell like laundry soap even when I wear Pure Grace on it's own. At, $40 for the Eau de Toilette Spray and $25 for the Perfume Oil Roll-On.

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