In the Spirit: Tables and Chairs

Since I can't stand the dining room set we have from Pottery Barn that was well suited to our 1900's dining room in our San Francisco flat, I'm itching to chuck it onto craigslist and replace it with something more to my taste. I saw this cb2 dining room table a year ago (Envelop, $599) and it was love at first sight. One a rare trip to ikea I gravitated to the Gilbert chairs ($49.99) and made the husband haul down four, which we pull out when we have company. They don't match our current table but will compliment the Envelop table perfectly since the "grain" has darker wood tones. Funny how that turned out... They also stack up so they're easy to store. Since I'm in the mood to mix and match I'll consider Henrik chairs ($59.99 with oak legs), also from ikea. I'm thinking of going for four just because I'm buying and I've never been into that head of the table thing. Since I can't have white fabric chairs, I took a look around the site and came upon this groovy Pernila fabric ($6.99 yd). I'm OK with a sewing machine and once I find a pattern I can whip up chair covers just like that...or not.

And once the husband sees how crappy all this new splendidness looks surrounded by the current paint on the walls, he'll have no choice but to agree to a new color picked by me, of course.

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