In the Spirit: Nice Bag, Lady

In a world of thousand(s) dollar 'It' bags, I've spent my fair share of time thinking about what it'd be like to own a Birkin (or at least a real good fake). When it comes down to it, I couldn't stomach the idea of spending $2,140 on net-a-porter for a Bay bag by ChloƩ much less the thousands more a real Birkin would cost me. Even though the Bay is a damn nice bag...No. I must abstain and put my monies to better use, like new bathroom fixtures and windows that do more than merely separate the inside of the house from the outside. Still, I'd like a new bag and when I saw the many zippered and compartmented Hampton bag (dark green, $115) from Amy Butler's Sweet Life line, I fell in immediate infatuation. True, it's bigger then I need for my daily life but it will fit books, magazines and all manner of stuff I find myself carrying around as a mother and wife, those being the books and magazines I carry around to distract me from the fact that I am a mother and wife. And the Hampton looks like it'd be a great bag to tote around on airplanes and long car trips. It's cute, I don't care my the sister says. It is!

My mini-project to make Amy Butler's Frenchy Bag out of oilcloth is well underway. Yesterday, in a fit of procrastination, I was able to track down the Paradise Lace pattern from the Very Vintage line made by Oilcloth International on Since they only sell in full yards, I went for a yard each of in the black and white background with the intention of using the black for the trim and the white for the main body. I should have enough left over for another Chelsea bag which is, as they say, a bonus. The pattern itself is also on it's way from an online auction I won locally and it looks like I should be sewing again in the next couple of weeks...after I buy a 16 gauge needle.

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