In the Spirit: Last Minute Shopping

Yes, once the 'season' is over I'll go back to titling my shopping posts as Conspicuous Consumption because that's what they are...Just without the festive wrapping paper.

Speaking of which...

I'm still not done with my gift buying but in deep denial about all I need to do (shopping, wrapping, tagging, caring) to prepare for the 25th. So what should I get in my email just now? Why a little note from ChimMaya letting me know they're having a huge sidewalk sale on purses this weekend into Monday. You can also find some deals on jewelry (they have a lot to choose from) and they're still showcasing art from the Christmas Exhibition for those of you who want to pick up a gift that's also an investment. Oh, and they might just have a signed copy or two of Life Over Easy left from when I paid them a visit a couple of weeks ago. Books also make a great gift... anytime of year.

Gallery ChimMaya
5283 East Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90022

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