In the Spirit: In Stitches

A few years ago my mother-in-law gave me the best gift (no, not the husband)--a sewing machine. Since then I've hauled it out every so often when I needed to take a break from typing and I've made everything from dresses (which I don't wear) to tote bags (which I do use). Humble and slightly blurry examples below.

I've turned out some pretty nifty Halloween costumes for the kid and regularly doctor clothing (hemming too long pants and jeans and cutting lantern sleeves off of tops because that's a trend that needs to go away). It's much too late to consider sewing up gifts for other people and I'm actually kind of busy right now. (I'm supposed to be going over the copy edited manuscript of MORE THAN THIS (Touchstone, August 2008), not sewing or blogging about sewing.) I foresee a lot of writing in my future (there's also that fourth book I'm supposed to be working on), I'll need some sewing therapy to get me out of my head since, sometimes, that's not a good place to be for long periods of time.

I already own Amy Butler's Chelsea Bag pattern (my take on it above using home decor fabric from Sally's) but he question is...what to make next? Since I know I won't wear what I sew (I have a backlog of sleeves I need to see to) I'll stick with something I'm almost sure will get some use--a new tote. But not just any tote, one fashioned out of oilcloth (the stuff you're grandma covers her kitchen table with) using another Amy Butler pattern (Frenchy Bags with a longer strap) because I really like her aesthetic even if it's over-the-top girlie. I found Oilcloth International ( sells the stuff wholesale (and is located near my parent's house in Cypress Park, oddly enough) and I'm hoping I'll be able to locate Paradise Lace Black from their Very Vintage line at a retailer near me. If not, I'll improvise since that's why life is all about. But in not sewing. I've learned from experience to follow the pattern.

I'm not a girlie-girl, ask the husband, but I do believe in quirky little touches to remind the world that (mostly) estrogen is coursing through my veins. Amy Butler makes some super cute patterns (clothes now too!) and this lace pattern is aggressively pretty which I like.

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