In the Spirit: House Warming

Besides thinking about myself (which is hard) I also realize that I have to spend time and money on my surroundings. It's been two years since we moved in and I'm pretty sick of living like we just moved in. While I can't expect to replace all the windows and doors, deal with structural issues (I'm itching to knock down the dumb half wall that cuts the living room off from the dining room) and rip out the kitchen, there are things I can do...

...starting with the couch and armchair I have under covers due to a dog, a kid and a husband who insist on doing things like sitting on them. Since there's not much I can do to prevent this--they jump on when I leave the room--and I'm sick of the tacky throws, I have the only option of getting slip covers made. After some searching, I've settled on gray (Solid Smoke, $14 yd.) cotton twill from which is machine washable in a semi-custom fit since we have a tightback sofa and chair (Mercer, no longer available) from Room and Board. And since the rug we have underneath the whole mess is bordering on disgusting, I'm going for carpet tiles from Flor in Popcorn from the Home Movies line ($10.99 per tile). This weekend will be spent 'a measuring.

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