In the Spirit: The Holiday Table

It's much to late for me to host my family for Christmas Eve...well I could but the whole point of having people over is to show off. As I've mentioned, I'm not at all fond of the dining room set we currently chow down at and I'm making plans to chuck it all (onto craigslist) and start fresh. Which means new placemats to new place settings, minus the flatware which I'll let the husband think he has a hand in picking out.

cb2 Oha Placemats, $3.95
cb3 Envelop Dinning Table, $599
Ikea Pernila Fabric for slip covers and placemats, $6.99 yd
Corelle Pure White Square Dish Set, $75.99 for a 16 pc set
Target Riedel Tumblers, $19.99 for a set of 2

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