In the Spirit: Easy Emapanadas

It's been years (decades?) since my parents whipped up a batch of empanadas. Not too long ago my dad floated the idea of baking some with jam he'd made from the guavas that grow in the front yard. Since guavas are an acquired taste, we ignored him. This past Thanksgiving it was my job to bring the tasty tuber dish. I settled on (wait for it) yams! Yams are members of the lily family and are usually sweeter and deeper orange color than sweet potatoes.

When my mother tasted my yams (we're that kind of family) she said they reminded her of her own mother's empanada filling and she got all teary. So we shoved her in the corner and continued on with our meal. But what she said stuck with me and yesterday I presented her with my version of Easy Empanadas. Because I'm her daughter and I'm easy.

Find the recipe for Easy Empanadas here...

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