Filler: LR&M Interview

Love, Romances & More has posted the interview* I did with them. I've only done a few of these and I found the questions Angie asked to be pretty insightful and over all it was a great experience. They also have reviews by Angie for both LIFE OVER EASY and UNDERNEATH IT ALL on the site.

Can you tell us more about yourself and what lead you to writing Latino fiction?
I didn’t set out to write Latino, Latina themed fiction, what I wanted to write was fiction that spoke to me and shed light on my experience as a woman and Latina with humor. I took a look at what kind of books were out there and realized there weren’t many and I took the plunge.

*As I am being forced to continue with familial duties this will serve as my post for the day, but I'm going to insist on stopping by an American Apparel to see about my layering separates since I have to get something out of this day that is purely self serving.

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