Conspicuous Consumption: Wardrobe Rethink

There are some sad truths about online shopping. Sometimes what looks good on the monitor will look truly frighting in real life. Such has been the case, predictably, with the American Apparel dresses I ordered with the intentions of making them a staple of my winter wardrobe for New York and beyond to go along with my new boots. I tried them on and came to the quick realization that this was not the look for me. The dresses were just a tad too long and I decided that it wasn't worth the effort to hem them up since I may as well buy something I like straight off and don't have to tinker with. Plus, they were very (very!) form fitting. I'm going to New York to have a good time but not that kind of good time. I'm keeping the Nine West boots, though. They're comfy, flat and just floppy enough to wear with skirts and roomy enough to tuck jeans into, but the assortment of porny AA dresses are going to be boxed up and sent back for a refund well within the 45-day return period. Like today.

Disappointing? Sure. Predictable? Definitely.

My sister said, "Why don't you just go to the store, try things on and avoid all this?" First of all, I'm supposed to be working, not traipsing about town squeezing myself into tube dresses. Second, I don't want to go shopping. It gives me a headache and if I do it online it appears that I am working which is what I'm supposed to be doing.

Since I don't want to go for the tits and ass look, I'm starting from the ground up. Yup, new boots, a different silhouette and more time spent shopping online when I should be working. How cool is that?

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