Conspicuous Consumption: Destination Dressing

Everyone, or some people at least, have a special place in their closet reserved for clothes that they'd never, ever, wear in their real life. You know, like crotch length denim skirts, sparkley halter tops and thigh-high pirate hooker boots--the kind of stuff you see in Vegas and would only wear in Vegas. I hate buying something I know I won't wear in my real life (swim gear, not withstanding) but going on a trip (in this case New York during January) is a valid excuse to buy stuff while keeping in mind I like to pack light and will be shopping and coming home with more stuff. Since I want to be able to wear what I buy here in L.A. it means layers. I can add and detract as needed and they need to be versatile since I don't plan to take much and need to mix and match as needed while working with a core set of basics (I'm all about basics) that I can wear again in my real life.

The basics: Gray sweaters, black boots and black leggings* along with my knee-length quilted puffer like coat by Kenneth Cole (I have only worn it once since I live in L.A.) with a rotating selection of dresses from American Apparel**.

Option 1: Chesty Betsy

The only way I know I'll be able to walk around in leggings is if my top half is decent so I've settled on a longer cardigan. This one from Express ($79.50) has two things going for it, the color and the longer simple silhouette which is key when dressing in layers since you don't want to look like a crazy lady who is wearing every article of clothing she owns. Under the sweater and over the leggings, this American Apparel criss cross dress in forest ($36) will do the trick. And yes, I'm planning on packing a cozy scarf since I value my clavicle.

Option 2: I Love Pockets

Same essential outfit but this time I'm topping it with the Pocket Frock ($32) in asphalt. Since I'm not into the shiny protuberances look where my hills and valleys are concerned, I'm going a size up all all the AA dresses and the main concern is that the pocket frock only comes in one size, medium. And don't we all wish we were an American Apparel medium.

Option 3: Boob Tube

Turtlenecks. They scare me and fascinate me at the same time. AA doesn't help matters by doing the whole super-tight non-bra boob shadow thing, but I'm willing to overlook that especially since I'm enamored with the idea of wearing a turtleneck dress over leggings in eggplant ($36) and I'll be wearing it under a sweater.

Options: Quick Change

Since there is a high likelihood I'll have to wear something twice if I don't do that thing where you go shopping for the sole reason to buy something to wear while you're there, I'll be packing a cute Old Navy denim sailor style skirt ($29.99 only at I can tuck the criss cross dress and the sleeveless dress in and, viola!, new outfit. And since any excuse to buy another sweater is a good excuse in my book, I'm in the market for a wrap sweater and will be considering this one, also from Express ($79.50), as an option.

*Note: Yes, leggings. I'm very anti-leggings and have avoided the trend (that won't die or is dying very slowly) up until now. But I recently committed to a pair of boots (Nine West, don't recall the style name and got them on sale for $120) and, yeah, they're very legging friendly. But! I have some criteria my decent into leggings. They must be matte and will never be worn as pants which means I need tops that will cover the ass portion of my body. I'm still looking, but for the sake of getting this post out there, I've settled on American Apparel's winter leggings in black ($38) but I'm also considering a Bop Basic leggings (, $45) especially since American Apparel is currently out of my size.
**Second note: I had a big boner for American Apparel a few years ago as there's nothing I like more than the idea of living in nothing but T-shirts but the whole porn vibe kind of turned me off but they have some cute basics made in a worker friendly environment, sexual harassment law suits not withstanding. And since everything I'll be wearing is black or gray, I'm looking toward a carefully edited selection of AA dress for a muted pop of color.


BP said...

I think the only real solution is to make your husband go alone. Then take the cash you were going to buy an outfit with and blow it on movies and comfort food.

Margo Candela said...

Only if you could make sure I'd be going to the movies and chowing down with Paul Walker...

BP said...

fine, but you'll have to pat him on top of the head from time to time and tell him he "looks pretty".

Margo Candela said...

Deal! I'm known for my patting technique and, alas, he is prettier than I...