Cheap Made Chic: Dresses

The husband has decreed we are to travel to New York in January to attend a rather big family event and as such I'll be required to chew with my mouth shut and dress appropriately for the actual occassion.


As I'm none too thrilled with the idea of experiencing, like, actual winter weather I have to show my contempt for the whole thing in other ways. Fashionable ways. Operating under the impression that this isn't black-tie (and vomit if it is), I'm determined to buy and proudly wear a dress from JCPenny to the big party and complete the look with equally mass market budget conscious accessories. Since I couldn't find (online at least) the whole shebang on the JCPenny site, I popped over to for the odds and ends.

The Basics: Bag, Earrings, Tights and Shoes

The bag, Button Fly Wristlet in Plum (Target, on sale for $11.04). Earrings 5mm Cubic Zirconia Studs (JCPenny, on sale for $44.99). Blacks tights (expect to pay around $12 and expect to peel them off sometime during the night and shove them in the bag as tights make my thighs itch). Shoes, Delmans (already wore them enough to warrant initial cost.)

The Contender: Bisou Bisou Bubble Sleeve Wrap Dress, sale price $24.99 (orig. $70)

Even if the husband were to find out I was planning to wear a $25 dress I doubt he could argue too much since this is very ladylike, down to the longer hem, but still plays up the rack in a none slut way and says "My lady has awesome knockers."

I like the print and since I'm forcing myself to venture out of my solid color comfort zone, this is a very in your face way to do it, but in a way that doesn't shout "I'm mocking you, suckers!" Since it is on sale and this is JCPenny the likelihood of me finding it in-store is low and I'm not ready to deal with buying online since I haven't investigated the return policy. (If I can drop it off at the store, I'm so there!)

Look At Me, Damnit: Mixit Kimono Dress, sale price $59.99 (orig. $80)

I don't drink, at all, and in this dress I wouldn't have to because it just screams...eccentric? Artistic? Drunk?

I'm going with drunk and the sister must be drunk at this moment because she's indicated her preference for this particular frock. Still...

It might be the case of having to try it on. If I shrink away from the mirror, I'll know its a no-go. But then again I might be so amused by the whole look and feel and sight of me in it, I'll laugh manically and security will have to be called into the dressing room to make sure I'm just trying on the dress, not smoking it.

The Foochie Pucci: Bisou Bisou 3/4 Sleeve Border Print Dress, sale price $24.99 (orig. $80)

If I were being honest, I usually am, I'd rank this dress a slot higher because in the scheme of things, it's a lot more subdued then the drunk dress above it. The pattern is not as floral and, well, whacked. And the price is freaking right so I may get it just for that reason since reason has so obviously pulled out of this station.

Not sure if this dress says sophisticated lady (it doesn't) with a sense of humor (a warped one), and its so obviously a Pucci ripoff, sorry, takeoff that I might be tipping my hand a little too much and defeat the purpose of wearing a JCPenny dress by wearing a JCPenny dress.

The Dark Horse: Mixit Burnout Chunky Beaded Shift, sale price $59.99 (orig. $80)

I really like this dress even though the shade is a shade off*. I'd have to see it in person since you can't trust anything on the web. But I don't love it enough to scrape my whole base plan and start all over. I might buy it and save it for warmer weather months to wear with a cute pair of black T-strap leather sandals and nice sunglasses...

*On closer inspection there are slight detail colors that compliment the tone of the shoe and its not like I plan on carrying around the bag with me all night. Not when they'll be dancing to do!


BP said...

When are you going to stop with all these fancy pants, and discuss real fashion? You know, like in the movie Tuff Turf, or Walk Proud with Robbie Benson.

mdt said...

I kinda like the second "crazy" dress. And of the two cheap-o ones I like the first one.
Lotsa purple here.

Margo Candela said...

BP: I wish I could rock the whole Tuff Turf look but I have no dexterity with a crimping iron. And Robbie Benson (circa late 1970s) is dreamy. Dreamy in purple, mdt.