Writing, Reading and Linking

Guess what I'm doing today? Writing! Actually writing. I have guilted the sister into reading my first chapter of Potts' Luck and now all I have to do is finish it so she can, uh, read it. So easy*.

Speaking of easy. Ashley Alvarado, pop culture blogger for Tu Ciudad's L.A. magazine has reviewed Life Over Easy. And it's mostly good! Just like the book. Very happy to be included in the Tu Ciudad universe.

Oh, by the way Tu Ciudad, I'm available for freelance assignments. I work fast, funny and (not for) free! Call me.

*Done(!) with the super rough of chapter one as of this afternoon. Sent it off to the editor and the sister and debating if I can justify going to the movies tomorrow while I wait for their feedback....


BP said...

At least spring for the Marc Jacobs coat, it’ll keep you warm when homeless.

Margo Candela said...

Everyone knows the homeless look calls for Dolce & Gabbana because Versace is just plain skanky.