Workout Revamp

No, I did not make my 30 days of yoga for the month of November goal/promise/whatever. I admit it, I missed the cardio aspect of exercise and found myself getting a little hyper and nothing is more annoying than a hyper writer whose been alone all day. Believe me or ask the husband. He'll tell you.

But I'm not ready to do away with yoga as I heard or read somewhere that flexibility is just as important for the aging body as is lung capacity and non-brittle bones....and we're all aging. Like right now. You're older than when you started reading this.


But back to the point of this post--my new workout. I've gone back to alternating cardio and toning except I've added yoga to both. Through a clever combination of itrain workouts and my Beth Shaw and Shiva Rea yoga CDs, I am now on my way to becoming a well rounded woman instead of just being rounded.

Curious to see what I put myself through? Here's a run down...

Cardio Days: 35 minutes of itrain's cycle set 3 followed by 10 minutes of sun salutations from Shiva Rea's Yoga Sanctuary disc 1. Total time: around 45 minutes

Tone Days: (this is where I pieced together a whole mess of itrain workouts and I'm too lazy to break them down by which so...) Ballet inspired warm-up, followed by a set of back lunges, combo arm and lower body with weights, jump squats, push ups, isometric toning, tricep and back, pushups, lunges, core work and then polished off with the first 15 minutes from Beth Shaw's Yoga Stretch. Total time: around 46 minutes.

I made the mistake of jumping right into the week with my new toning workout and couldn't move without making a funny face for two days. Yesterday I used my foam roller to work the kinks out and it was so painful, it counts as a workout in my book. I won't make the mistake of skipping a nightly vitamin E which cuts down on muscle soreness or so I've convinced myself of.

Today I'm doing cardio and tomorrow I have to go get a physical so that'll count as a my book.

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