Very Important Matters

So now that I have my life back, at least until I start my next book, it's time to turn my attention to the little details I've had to ignore for the past few weeks.

1. My Hair

My last haircut (à la Ashley Judd in High Crimes) was much needed and not as successful as I would have hopped. It's already grown out and a bit on the drab and sad side. I have to really work it to get it to look like I care and I'm just not that person. I use a hair dryer to dry my hair when I don't want to go outside with wet hair. I use my fingers and a variety of pomades (Garnier) to style my hair and as far as I'm concerned that's as much effort as I should be expected to put into it. So the rest has to be made up by the haircut. So I'm going Audrey Tautou again because in my world shorter is better except when it comes to...
(4/23/10 Update: I've grown my hair out. Yes, I have. It's almost to my shoulders which is really long for me. Not sure how long I'll keep it long, but I'm enjoying it for now.)

2. My Posture

It sucks. Even I realize this now as I magically gain two inches to my height whenever I remember to stand up straight, shoulders back. After seeing one too many pictures of me where I'm (comfortably) slumped over, it's time to take action. So besides making the conscious effort to stand up straighter (and look taller and slimmer at the same time!) I'll have to incorporate some exercises to encourage a strong core on my part. Which might mean sit-ups and variations there of. I hate sit ups, but I hate looking like my boobs and lower belly meet up too, my belly still being a concern despite...
(4/23/10 Update: My posture is just as bad, but I'm embarking on a series of brutal Pilates classes at a specialized gym. What they cost me is enough to make me stand up straight.)

3. My Weight
Here I can claim some success. I've lost four pounds and am under my ceiling weight of 135 with an aim to halt the whole process at 132. And guess what I've realized? Eating better and exercising really make a difference in how my clothes fit and how I feel about myself. Aside from a few lapses (it's never smart to stock up on Halloween candy too early before the actual date), I've been able to eat whatever I've wanted (which doesn't include a 20 oz bottle of Spirte and bag of Cheetos for lunch) and see my weight go down but not thanks to...
(4/23/10 Update: My weight has held steady at my ceiling weight and I know with a little effort to eat better, I can get back down to my goal weight. Worth the sacrifice of eating most things fun? I'm not so sure.)

4. My Chai Addiction

It's bad. Twice a day bad and sometimes one of those times is from Starbucks at about $4 a pop. I've graduated from the powdered Archer Farms Target Spice Chai mix to the supermarket Spice Chai Tea mix which is no longer being carried by my supermarket to buying cartons (CARTONS) of Tazo Chai concentrate mix. Even with the cost of the carton and the soy milk to go along with it, I'm still saving tons of money and time and embarrassment by not having to go to my local Starbucks, but my dependence on it is a bit unnerving. So I've just, as of this morning, emptied out my last carton I'm contemplating going cold turkey but it might have a negative impact on ...
(4/23/10 Update: Here I'm even worse off than I was 904 days ago. At the moment I'm exclusively Starbucks, Target discontinued their Chai mix, soy milk is now a dime more and California taxes are jacked to the roof. So a tall can run me $4, a grand close to $5 when I'm charged taxes. It's a really expensive habit but the only one I have. Okay, the only I have to hide evidence of.)

5. My Possible Career

From all the movies and TV shows I've seen, drinking coffee (or chai) is, like, a big part of the work day--days of work, a job, a reason to get up and comb my hair in the morning because I might have to actually interact with another living person. I've been focused completely on my writing for the last four years and have been fairly productive--three books published in two and five written in that time. But part of me misses and has romanticized having a regular job. How to get my fix and still retain the wonderful flexibility of being my own boss that I crave and desire? Why, I'll temp of course. All my sisters were committed Temps during the early stages of their working lives but I never really was comfortable with it. My last temp assignment was at this mortgage company way back in the mid-1990s and I was miserable--I was manning the reception desk and was supposed to transfer phone calls to agents who I was expected to recognize by sight. It was a two day assignment and when the agency called and asked if I was available for another one, I lied and told them I'd started a summer school class. I never called them back, but I made a much need $75 to tide me over until I landed a full time job at a magazine the following week.
(4/23/10 Update: Nope, I didn't sign up with a temp agency, but I did write a whole book about a temp, Good-bye To All That (Touchstone, July 13, 2010). That doesn't mean my work situation hasn't changed. I've branched out into writing screenplays and am going to try my typing skills in the realm of YA next.)

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