Banging for Bucks

Not feeling too well today and instead of delving into the writing of my next book, I was aimlessly clicking around looking for something to inspire me when I hit upon this little nugget via Yahoo! News: Older White Women Join Kenya's Sex Tourists.

Why dang, that made me me sit up and take notice.

Seems that women in their "autumn years," as Reuters reporter Jeremy Clarke put it, are visiting resorts on the Indian Ocean side of Kenya and picking up much younger men for all around no-strings attached frolicking. You know sort of like men having been doing for centuries?

While not illegal, the women stay well into the legal age category, what they're doing is "unwholesome" (ladies over 50 having sex, wanting sex, going out and getting sex) and Kenyan officials are worried that the country will be overrun by saggy old ladies who have the cash to pay for the time and attention provided by willing strapping young men. And there's the issue of condom use, or lack there of, since it seems these women find slipping on a bag unromantic and too businesslike even though that's what they're engaged in--the men are selling their companionship for a new pair of sneakers, meals out and pool money and the woman are paying for some good looking guy to pay attention to them. This too has been going on for eons but usually its a man with a gut and young thing whose willing to run her fingers through his thinning hair. Then there's the whole colonialism angle that's making people squirm--the ladies are white and the men are not.

So there you have it. If you're an older woman with a working and willing vagina you can't get laid at home and if you travel to get some you'll be frowned upon but your tourist dollars will still be appreciated.


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