Panel Pictures: East Los Angeles Library

Last night's panel discussion featuring Lara Rios, Mary Castillo, Sylvia Mendoza and Reyna Grande was a huge success--standing room only! Judy Polasnky, head research librarian, Daniel Hernandez, the Chicano Resource Center and Letty Polizzi, research librarian and the Los Amigos, who provided tasty food and drinks before and after the event, ELPL staff as well as Liberia Martinez, who handled all the book sales, all pulled together and made it a great way to spend a Monday night.

Catering and serving help by Los Amigos of the East Los Angeles Library deftly served a room full of people and staff made sure the authors didn't go hungry or thirsty. Let's face it, people love free stuff, they love free food even more. Thank you Los Amigos!

Me, right as I realized that this thing was really going to happen and it was going to go well. Doing an event like this at a library and even at a bookstore is a bit like throwing a party and having no idea if anyone is going to show up. The fine people at ELAPL busted their humps and filled the seats and it was great to see and meet so many readers. (By the way, I've discovered Kohl's for my fashion needs. The shirt is Elle--like the magazine even though you'll never see it in those pages--and the bag is pleather, but so red and a square in shape that I had to have it.)

Some of the panel, including Mary Castillo, me, Sylvia Mendoza and Lara Rios. These ladies are pros, me being the one most wet behind the ears, and it was such a pleasure to listen to them speak about life as writers. Not pictured is Reyna Grande who stole the show. If I was at Cal State LA I'd so take her Chicano Studies class.

Me and Reyna Grande comparing notes and getting to know each other before the talk. Not to be frivolous or anything (too late!) but yeah, I need that haircut. And here, my hair was still looking pretty decent. By the end of the night that cowlick, which makes up the entire left side of head, was in full force.

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