My Favorite Romance

I used to devour romance novels (bodice rippers to some) in my early teens. One right after another and then I'd head to my local Goodwill and pick up a whole other bag full at a quarter apiece. (Hey, I was a kid with limited income and lax parental supervision.) It's been a long time since I've read one but there are several whose plots I remember fondly (I wish could remember the titles of since the details all tend to overlap and the titles aren't at all that memorable) but there are two in particular I own copies of (the originals I read tons of years ago) to this day and have carted around with me for years. Why? Like any gal knows, a good book is hard to find.

I can't even say how old I was when I picked up this 500 page plus book by Rebecca Brandewyne. I know it was second hand and in pretty good shape (I later taped the cover to give a little more staying power) and it instantly became one of my all time favorite books. Why? It has EVERYTHING a really good romance novel should have: accurate historical details, a great conflict, interesting locations, characters to root for and sex--good sex. Here's how the sister so aptly summed up the story: A gypsy's curse foretells the forbidden passion between Mary Carmichael, daughter of the Clan chief, and her sworn enemy, Hunter MacBeth in 15th century Scotland. Gypsy curse! Forbidden passion! What more could a gal want in a book?

A very close second is Katheleen E. Woodwiss's (lots of double letters in her name...) Shanna. This one was passed along by the older sister who said it was pretty good. Pretty good! This book was beyond good and close to great. It has most of the what I found in Forever My Love, but a few dings that keep it a firm second in my heart. I never warmed up to books that took place in the 'new world'. The American colonies just weren't exotic for me the way Scottish moors or Viking ships were. But in this one the hero gets to play pirate and I lurv romance novel pirates-they're always so considerate and handy to have around when the ship is attacked by other less hygienic pirates.


mdt said...

I could never get into Shanna, and I tried to read it several times.
As far as Viking romances go, Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsay is still the best! AND the cover features Fabio, as all good romance novels do.

Margo Candela said...

Fabio these days is not the Fabio of the past. In fact, I'm not sure Fabio should be walking around as Fabio considering he's not as Fabio as he once was. But then again, celebrity shelf life's are indefinite, take Madonna for instance. She's eligible for social security but she's still shoving her coochie in the faces of those willing to look at it.