Hair Trauma

I usually reserve judgment on a haircut two weeks after the actual chop, but I can already tell with all the fussing and frowning I'm doing in front of the bathroom mirror that the haircut I got on Friday is less than a smashing success. The good news is my hair grows pretty fast (knock on wood) and I'm hoping it'll settle down into something I can live with relatively soon.

Until then, I'll have to deal which means investing in hair accessories. I took a quickie trip to my local Target and picked up a couple of Goody headbands to help me through this awkward time. Making things even more yuck is the fact that headbands give me a headache, what with all the pressure they exert on the temples. But, really, what choice do I have?

The $4.99 Temporary Solution:
Since I'm accessory adverse I don't want to draw attention to the fact I'm wearing a headband. So I'm sticking with black. I picked up this satin Goody band because it's wide, was there and is almost on the too roomy side. But it's a little fancy for taking the kid to school in my yoga gear so I'll need to find something more causal.

The One I Really Wanted:
I looked and looked but could only find the suede version in the light camel which would defeat the whole purpose of the endeavor. Why do I like it? The texture and color make it perfect for everyday wear and I won't feel like I'm trying to be faux-fancy as I would with the satin. Sad but true.

Anatomically Impaired:
I don't know if its me or the shape of my cranium but I have a hard time wearing those thick stretch band types. They slip up the back and just annoy me all around. A few years ago Goody (again) put out a fabric band with a thin elastic at the back that works for me. Once when I was dumb and had free time, I came upon the idea of making my own headbands using the Goody band as a template. Not only that I made it in leather. Sewing leather is not easy but I liked the results enough to wear it a few times until I had to admit the construction of it wasn't up to par and still harbor the fantasy of whipping one out that really works.

The Fancy Band:
So here, these Lavender Girl head bands combine two trends that just might work. The thin band in leather with the elastic part in the back to keep it all in place. Since it has two bands, I can tweak the space between it so it almost functions as one thick band. Genius. At $32, this is an investment, but I'm all about looking to the future. Since people never know what to get me for Christmas, I'll put this on my list. (Bond Girl, black, matte and maybe patent leather red.)

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