Hair and Now

Making my haircut appointment today even though someone, an unbiased person, said my hair looked cute last night. Too bad for it, I've decided to cut it and see what happens. Until then three sets of two celebrity hair styles from

I've had the hair massacre on the left, here courtesy of Natalie Portman, in real life and I'm no Natalie Portman as you can see. When all was said and chopped I realized I looked like I'd visited the penitentiary beauty shop. But it grew out. The cut on the right is actually very cute (it's Sienna Miller's) even with the bangs. I'm not a bang type of girl (evidence why below) and I always ask the stylist to leave enough hair for me to tuck behind my ears. I'm a chronic hair behind the ears tucker, which does nothing to help with the cowlick situation.

Men, the husband included, have a thing for long hair and here is the photographic evidence as to why some women should never have have long hair no matter what age they are. (I not so secretly covet Judi Dench's hair.) The hank of lank on the left of scary Morticia Adams hair is Gwyneth Paltrow. All I can say is yawn, yawn, yawn. I find it even more boring than Jennifer Aniston's hair. On the right is me with Sandra Bullock's hair looking like I did for much of my teens and early 20s. I already look pretty cheeky in the original picture and the bangs and bulk of all that hair do nothing for me but remind me to eat well and workout.

Now this is mom pleasing hair, especially the prom 'do on the left from an appearance Eva Longoria made at some even or another. It's event hair, for sure. I can't imagine how many pins went into it to make sure it stayed put, but I'm sure her mom was standing right there handing them to the stylist. Now if I had long hair and had to wear it up, I'd go for the Scarlett Johansson poof on the right. Why? Because it's an up-do that makes no excuses for itself.

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