Conspicuous Consumption: Mall Free Living

I was at Target earlier this week and a chatty cashier asked me if I was going to be here for Thanksgiving. At least this is what I thought she meant until she gave me a look and said, "I mean here for the Thanksgiving after-sale." I answered honestly, "No! I'm not insane!" before I realized she might have to be there in a purely working capacity. (Turns out she was scheduled to work right after the early super shopping hours and commented it would be nice if Target opened the store up for employees to do some shopping before the bargain hungry crowds were let in. Which makes sense. When I worked at the mall during my junior college days, I always ended up spending a big chunk of my measly check before I ever stepped outside on payday and I got a discount a lots of places as a mall employee.)

If there's one thing I won't do is go shopping the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas or during Labor Day (which is always stretched out into a weekend) or at any time when stores chum the sales floor with red SALE tags to whip bargain hunters up into a spending frenzy. In fact(!) I plan not to set foot in a store at all this shopping season...if I can help it.

I'm a big fan of thoughtful gifts ( is my favorite source for one of kind quirky gifts and I'll be trolling the site with laser like focus as soon as I post this). Unlike some people who think they can force holiday cheer by vomiting money at the whole what-to-get-her/him problem, I prefer to buy with a clear intention. So I've been thinking very hard about what gifts to give those special people in my life. I have some ideas but since a few of those people read my blog (two of them) I'll have to hold off on crowing about them. Now the trick is to figure out how to get here in time...

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