The West Hollywood Book Fair

Quickie posting photos from Sunday, Sept. 30 To Blog or Not To Blog panel and the book signing at the Skylight Books booth that followed.

From left, Adrienne Crew, me, Kevin Roderick, Mark Sarvas, Daniel Olives. We all got there on time and the panel started a bit after 11, but by that time it was already really hot under the plastic tarp. Daniel did a great job moderating and is one smart and funny guy.

My new haircut in profile. It's not as short as my last but looks way better than it did before I paid Sandra, the woman who has given me my last four or five haircuts, a visit. I'll live with it, see how it grows out and then give it the chop again in a few months. It's hair. It grows back.

I hadn't had a thing to eat and besides a half cup of orange juice in the green room where all the panelists and authors had gathered, I pretty much soldiered on through the panel and the first half of the book signing on an empty stomach. It was hot and stuffy in the Skylights Books booth and about 30 minutes in, all I wanted to do was put my head down on the table. My cell phone was just about out of juice, but I managed to get the husband on the phone and he came to my rescue with a delicious bean and cheese papusa, side of pickled cabbage salad and big lemonade. Super tasty.

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