Out and About....

I should be packing, but I'm not. I'm heading up to San Francisco for a group book signing and to do a little location scouting for my third book...and eating.and seeing friends..and shopping. So no no more blogging until Monday but rest assured I'll be taking pictures of whatever catches my eye up while I'm on my trip.

Who: Kate Perry (Project Date and Project Daddy), me (Life Over Easy and Underneath It All), Josie Brown (Impossibly Tongue Tied) Gemma Halliday (Undercover in High Heels and Spying in High Heels) and Eileen Rendahl (Un-Veiled and Un-Bridaled)

When: Saturday, October 6, from 1-3pm

Where: The Stonestown Galleria Borders (San Francisco, CA) for a group book signing.

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