The Office/Margo Connection

Just got done watching last night's Office (folded laundry at the same time because I like to keep my multi-tasking skills sharp so I don't have to update my resume) and was tickled to hear Micheal Scott's idea for Mike's Cereal Shack which sounded a whole lot like an idea I had way back in 1997 when I was in college and eating a lot of cereal and I even blogged about it this past summer:

Don't believe me? Read below:

For instance, way back in 1997 I came up with an idea for a restaurant called The Cereal Shack which would only serve, yes, cereal anyway the customer wanted it, soggy, hot, dry, with soy milk. And it would feature cereals from all over the world, like German Corn Flakes, they still would be Kellogg's, but from Germany. And it would periodically open and close, even move location, like one of those super cool underground clubs that people whisper about. Brilliant! And yes, I'm aware there's some place in Chicago that just opened in the last year or so that only serves cereal, but I still think my idea is much just an idea.

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