New Obession: A Virtual Bookshelf

I tried and failed at, miserably. People (mostly other writers) would tell me it was the place to go to network with other writers and, more importantly, readers but after an initial burst of nervous energy in putting up a page, I pretended it didn't exist.

Why didn't myspace work out for me? Well, for one thing I seem to suck at networking even if its just a matter of clicking icons. I could never wrap my head around the layout and what I came up with looked really sad. I was already blogging here so it seemed like twice the work to do something there, even if it'd be a cut and paste job. When the guilts finally got to me and I logged on to my account, I caught a huge virus that just about killed my laptop.

So I said goodbye to myspace and hello to where people live and breath books they've loved, hated and want to read. These are my kind of people! I can spend hours on the site looking at other peoples shelves, getting suggestions for what to read next, trying to remember when I read a particular book and slowly building my library and list of friends. (My page.)

And what's more, I finally feel a little less alone in my love of books. Thank you, The Internet!

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