Conspicuous Consumption: Old Navy Obsession

For some reason Word is not working for me and making it impossible to, like, type which is the whole reason for its existence.

So what to do...Why! Come clean on the fact that I wear a lot of Old Navy, off the rack without bothering to try it on and ordering stuff online in bulk. I'd say about 75% of what's in my closet and drawers (especially drawers) comes from Old Navy. Why? Because they size kindly (I'm either a small, four or six in everything) the inseams on their pants are perfect for me to wear with flats for the most part and stuff is cute, but not precious and the price point makes it possible to buy retail without feeling like a total chump even though everything goes on sale eventually. Banana Republic also makes dressing for something painless, but since my life, sadly, rarely warrants a BR caliber outfit and Gap only clicks occasionally with me, I'm a ON addict and proud of it.

I've worn the same pair of ON trouser jeans to my last two events. I'd just about given up finding anything the day before the West Hollywood Book Fair and was going to delve deep into my closet, but the sister pointed these out and I plucked a size six off the rack and slapped them on the counter without trying them on. I paid retail and they went on sale the next week (from $34.50 to $25), just a day over the seven day price adjustment period but were worth it. I do have to wear them with heels, but that's what makes them look a little more polished. To keep the color dark, I'll turn them inside out and wash in cold water but won't go the extra step of line drying them like a friend does her jeans. That's just too much work and they get crunchy.

I have the biggest issue with tops. I wear long sleeved Ts on a daily basis. Boring, yes, but makes sense in not wasting time in getting dressed in the morning. So when the sister, on the same trip when I got the jeans, pulled this top out of the super sale rack, I held it up and said it was cute, but non-committal. Just because it was priced at under $7 didn't make me do back flips for joy. Since the top appeared early on in the shopping process, I tried it on and really liked it! It also was the perfect top to wear to the book fair as it was a pretty hot day.

So that's what it all looks like together. And yes, for some reason I was real pasty looking that day and everyday because I don't get out much. Hey, for a little over $40 spent less than 12 hours before I had to be there, I think we did a pretty good job of pulling something together. I wore the same jeans in San Francisco with a purple V-neck sweater I picked up the night before at H&M. I like to keep things simple since I'm a simple person...and hate to shop under pressure.

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