Chinese Jump Rope

This morning the kid informed me that imaginary games have been banned during recesses. WTF? A little digging revealed that children had been "pretend" dueling, fighting and attacking each other so hence the blanket ban on imaginary games.

So now he's left with the options of handball (which I was a grade school champion of), basketball, etc. Since the kid was upset I suggested a game I remembered plenty of kids being obsessed with when I was in elementary school--Chinese Jump Rope. (Need a refresher on the game? Read the Wikipedia entry here that is comprehensive but so clinical it sucks the fun right out of it. And, yes, when I was a kid it was primarily a girls' game. But as it appears to be in a dormant period at the moment, maybe I can resurrect it through the kid as a unisex game.) So I explained the basic rules of the game to him and he seemed interested and I got all worked up about it and have decided to run with the idea even though he said he'd play handball until the whole ban on imaginary games blows over.

But that's beside the point. I've given it some thought and have come up with two ways to incite a Chinese Jump Rope craze.

1. Buy crap that is specifically marketed to capitalize on my nostalgia. For about $11 this set comes with two elastic bands and a handy book with rules and jump patterns.

2. Go old school. For a buck fifty I get five yards of fun, fun, fun in the form of sturdy sewing elastic (which is what we used on the playground). Since age has done a number on my memory, I'd have to reference the basic rules and jump patterns printed from here.
Once properly equipped, I'd be well on my way to doing some sort of emotional damage to the kid and physical damage to myself as I'd have to actually play CJR with him. Luckily for me, I have a Frog Bra that keeps everything compact and in place and along with my athletic thighs, I'm so going to kick ass at CJR. The kid? He's on his own.

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