Done! For now at least and since I've OCD'd myself in to a writing corner, I can't write another word even if I wanted to.

Changes will be made, I'm sure, things will be cut and added and the word count will end up on some other number, but for now I've done all I can do without having to up my meds to deal with the anxiety of it all.

On the same note, Sulay (Hernandez editor extraordinaire at Touchstone Fireside) asked me for my thoughts on the cover for More Than This (August 2008) and being that I was looking for a reason to procrastinate, I took it one step further.

Now I have no talent for graphic design or anything beyond very basic illustrating skills. The little red dog in the palm of the woman's hands is supposed to be made up of twisted red cocktail straws and the type face was just one that caught my fancy. But she asked and, as they say, I delivered.

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