Today basically sucked expect for...

Still computer-less but at least back in my office using a really crappy cpu the husband had in the garage. Thing is, it has a really bad video card so everything looks all blurry and spastic on the monitor. It's given me a hell of a headache. I've had a flash of inspiration that my editor is super excited about and I can't wait to delve into but I can't since my technical situation precludes any sort of sustained creativity on my part. And still my deadline approaches...

And everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited about LIFE OVER EASY coming out next week and I am but I want my computer life back. The husband is trekking to some computer parts store and buying me a new hard drive and will be performing surgery on my dead Dell tonight and I'll spend most of tomorrow loading programs and trying to remember passwords.

And no, this doesn't make me want to write long hand. That would be truly awful for everyone involved. I have the penmanship of a fourth grader who's gone off his ADD meds. Not pretty. Plus, my hand cramps up as soon as I pick up anything resembling a pen or pencil.

On the plus side, I watched all of the first disc of season one of Dexter and it was great. I was tempted to bump down the kid's Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark so I could get the next two discs at once, but that would make me a bad mother.

The most recent photographic evidence is undeniable, I need a haircut. As I'm not feeling too adventurous, I'll be bringing a printout of Ashely Judd's hair from High Crimes. I like my hair short, much to the chagrin of certain people I know, but it's my hair, my head and my stylist loves me because I'm always willing to get a real hair cut. I'm not one of those "Just take a 1/4 inch or less off the bottom but make sure I look completely different when your done" type of gals.

My hair will make it's official debut at the West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, Sept 30 on the To Blog or Not to Blog panel discussion, 11am in the Writer's Pavilion with a book signing to follow at the Skylight Books booth.

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