Stupid Computer

My laptop is officially kaput. I'm currently trying to remember how to type on a regular keyboard while camped out in the husband's office (we don't call it "the hole" for nothing) using his noisy computer.

Luckily, I did back up my files so once I'm up and running again I can start work on More Than This but until then, everything is on hold. I'm sorry, I just can't get into it under the current circumstances.

I miss my office, but I don't miss that laptop. It's dead to me.

Oh, we have a winner for the LOE signed copy. Letty. It's a purse hook. Well, of course it is! You put the flat heavy side on the table and the hook goes under and you rest your purse straps on the bended part and there you have one of the world's most essential but unappreciated (some would say mocked) inventions.

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